Concept Development

  • Feasibility study
    We produce a detailed analysis of the market and key competitors for both existing and proposed properties and create a P&L for x years accordingly. Through this we can forecast what type of return on investment our clients can expect from each specific project.
  • Repositioning and Rebranding
    We study our clients’ business against the market in order to identify strengths and challenges so that we can suggest where their company should position itself in order to achieve a competitive advantage and ensure future growth.
  • Property Improvement Plan Management
    Based on our extensive experience, we produce a thorough study of each client’s business streams, applying attention to every detail to come up with a comprehensive improvement plan to enhance and develop business performance.
  • Revenue Strategy Implementation
    We identify and create new revenue strategies for our clients, or study their current revenue streams and modify, improve and enhance upon them in order to achieve more desirable revenue(s).
  • Financial Underwriting and Modeling
    We forecast the financial potential of a specific business using historical data, business trends, hands-on operational experience, so that owners can make educated financial decisions, understand the risks, anticipate market direction and most importantly, establish a timeline for return on investment.
  • Strategies include:
    • Excel Modeling
    • Market/ Revenue Upside Analysis
    • Cost Efficiency Analysis
    • PIP Analysis Inclusive of Pricing
    • Return Analysis


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